Center for Digital Editing


The Center for Digital Editing (CDE) will concentrate the resources and expertise necessary to advance the practice of editing and growth of innovative digital project solutions.


The Center for Digital Editing will pursue this mission by continuously exploring and developing new resources and insights as they relate to the following four elements: research and development, engagement, project consultation and development, and education.

Each of these elements encourage collaborating with and leveraging the resources of existing digital humanities organizations and editorial projects. Brought together into a dialogue, they will elaborate upon those entities’ expertise, making the CDE a distinct concentration of resources, knowledge, and solutions essential to the conceptualization and development of digital editing projects as well as advancement of the field.

The Elements

Research and Development

The CDE will create and experiment with designs, tools, and platforms for making digital editing projects increasingly accessible and engaging.


The CDE will engage and collaborate with faculty, scholars, editors, students, archivists, and librarians to develop projects, resources, and teaching materials.  Additionally, the CDE will serve as an incubator for developing creative solutions for outreach and engagement with content.

Project Consultation and Development

The CDE will provide access to editorial and technical expertise to support the development of effective project goals, editorial standards, creative interface design, innovative editions, and funding strategies.


The CDE will provide pedagogical resources, guides and tutorials, and hands on training addressing all aspects of editorial project workflow and technological approaches.