NHPRC Grant Funding, July 2023 – June 2024

In May 2023, the NHPRC awarded the CDE and its partners six grants:

  • ELABORATORIES @ the University of Virginia: $465,000 to support a three-year project to develop, enhance, and administer its new, freely-accessible professional development platform for historical and scholarly editing practitioners, eLaboratories (eLabs).
  • PAPERS OF WILLIAM SHORT @ the University of South Carolina: $110,000 to support a selective digital edition of the Papers of William Short. After serving as Jefferson’s secretary, William Short (1759-1849) became a career diplomat and successful financier and philanthropist. Project staff will complete the identification and collection of the remaining Short correspondence and papers held in smaller repositories; complete cataloging of documents for 1778-1810; advance editorial and translation work on documents spanning years 1778-1795.
  • MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. PAPERS @ Stanford University: $160,000 to support the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers, a national leader in civil rights. Project staff will complete all remaining editorial work for Volume 8 and submit the completed manuscript to the University of California Press. Working with the University of Virginia’s Center for Digital Editing, project staff will migrate its online edition, including all existing King Papers content, to a newly installed and customized Drupal 9 Platform module.
  • PAPERS OF MARTIN VAN BUREN @ Cumberland University: $150,027 to support the Papers of Martin Van Buren, eighth president of the United States. Project staff will publish all 646 documents in Digital Edition Series 4 (U.S. Senator); advance editorial work on Digital Edition Series 7 (Vice President), Series 13 (Move to Free Soil Party), and Series 14 (Retirement);  complete and submit to press the final manuscript for Selected Papers of Martin Van Buren, Volume 1 (1782-1820); and complete document selection for Volume 2 (1821-1836).
  • THE CHINESE AMERICAN WWII VETERANS ONLINE RESOURCE @ the University of Virginia: $160,000 to support The Chinese American WWII Veterans Online Resource, an online resource, and archive that will bring together information drawn from U.S. military service records, including enlistment, separation, and discharge records, as well as information from private records on the more than 22,000 Chinese and Chinese Americans who served in World War II. During the proposed grant period, project staff will advance metadata creation and cross-referencing for an additional 6,000 service records;  create content folders, clear publications rights, import, and process metadata for 12,000 veteran service records and newly-acquired source materials; and verify 3,650 tombstones of Chinese and Chinese Hawaiians as potential WWII veterans.
  • THE PAPERS OF JULIAN BOND @ the University of Virginia: $160,000 to support a project to edit and publish the Papers of Julian Bond. A pioneering voice in American politics for some five decades, Julian Bond (1940-2015) was a civil rights advocate, legislator, and teacher. During the proposed grant period, the project will hire and train students on digital imaging and editorial work; scan, upload, and ready metadata for material from 200 folders; and verify and launch 120 transcriptions from Series 1.
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